WHO’S ELIGIBLE  Companies who cater solutions, products, services and programs that can ease or enhance operations or management of campgrounds are invited to join. We introduce you and your products & services to our campground members.


  • Distribution of your marketing materials to eachcampground campground in attendance at the annual meeting (there is no limit to the size of your pkg: flyer, business card, swag items, catalog, etc.). Plan on 20 packages.
  • Roster of campground members, including contact info.
  • Contact information of new campground members who join mid-year.
  • We’re evolving into a new way to share news, making it accessible on our Keeping Informed page. We will pass links to our members from time to time.
  • Option of contributing two (2) educational pieces (max 350 words) that will each become its own Tuesday Tip email for our campground members. In it, you may link to a blog for more insight, if it assists with the lesson. Your company contact information (including a link to your website) and a closing “sales pitch” are permitted. If you prefer to target a certain month for its release, we’ll do our best to accommodate it. EXAMPLES:
    • If your product is retail, your educational piece might be on retail display insight or on pricing strategies.
    • If your product is insurance, perhaps it would be on a risk management topic or on explaining an aspect of the policy.
    • If your product is laundry equipment, perhaps it would be a maintenance topic.
  • We’ll assist with arranging webinars or conference calls with campground members (each can be on the same or a different topic). Multiple sessions of the same topic create flexibility for our members. We have seen that people will participate for more frequent 20-minute sessions than for a lengthier one, if the topic can be broken down. Some topics require lengthier sessions.
  • Linked listing on the Roster of Industry Suppliers.


  • ASAP – Decide whether to join and then proceed!
  • ASAP – Logo artwork should be submitted as soon as possible.
  • FEBRUARY 15, 2018 – If you’re inserting your marketing materials into the registration bags for our annual meeting, a package of 20 sets needs to arrive at PO Box 824, Pierre SD 57501. Why wait? Ship anytime from now through early February.
  • SOON – If you’re joining at a membership level that includes educational content, you may send this electronically (Word doc) at your convenience. If you want the content to be shared in a particular timeframe, please identify it in the file name.
  • October 2019 – Consider renewing for 2020!

SAVE TIME & MONEY!  The Executive Director of KansasARVC is also in the same role with the Colorado Campground & Lodging Owners Association (CCLOA) and the South Dakota Campground Owners Association (SDCOA). Should you choose to join one, two or all three of these associations (whatever works best for you). Feel free to save time and money by sending everything in one package to the remittance address. It will be properly sorted based on the applications that are enclosed.

JOIN US! Use  this form and include it with your dues payment. We’ll be in touch when it arrives. You’re welcome to also scan an image of it and send it by email.